Sovevas Athlete Joins US 2020 Olympic Lacrosse Team

Team Sovevas congratulates our featured athlete Tyler Hill on being selected to represent United States in the Men’s Lacrosse team for the 2020 Summer Olympics Games in Tokyo.

Tyler is part of an elite team of athletes selected from hundreds of Lacrosse players nationally to compete in the games.  The United States Men’s National Lacrosse team has won nine of twelve World Lacrosse Championships.  This will also mark the second time Japan has hosted the Summer Olympics Games.

Training will begin this summer with a strategic plan to bring all the players’ talent into a synchronized and cohesive team.

Sovevas is doing its part to support the 2020 Lacrosse athletes by providing the US Lacrosse team with Sovevas athletic recovery footwear to aid the team’s training and performance.

Whether you are training as an Olympic athlete or for your next game or 5K, Sovevas has you covered.  A new type of stylish, curative, athletic recovery footwear to help you accomplish more.

Sovevas wishes Tyler Hill Gold Medal in 2020! Go Team USA!

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