SoVevas was developed as an Athletic Recovery Footwear designed to protect, preserve and revitalize your feet. SoVevas addresses four major unmet needs of your pre & post-athletic foot conditions with a patented, revolutionary footwear designed.

  • Pressure Relief with an unrestrictive design due to swelling and tenderness of the foot.
  • Targeted Support and Cushioning for energy absorption and pressure relief on the high impact zones of your sole. (heel and ball of the foot).
  • Cooling and Ventilation are due to sweaty, overused and overheated foot.
  • Adjustable & Customizable Fit due to unique foot shapes and injuries to the foot.

Science of Recovery

Three proven methods to aid recovery are also incorporated into SoVeva’s design including;
proprioception sense, shear skin sensory, and impedance matching.

Proprioception Sense is the feeling of the relative position of one’s parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. The brain integrates information from proprioception and the vestibular system into its overall sense of body position, movement, and acceleration (1).

SoVevas enables Proprioception Sense by conforming to the wearer’s foot with a uniformed pressure feel to increases the sensory and awareness of its position and condition. The fit adjustability of the sole combined with the spacer-mesh upper and the targeted Impedance matching gel also aid the tactile feedback to the foot.

Shear Skin Sensory is feeling the mechanical friction forces as feedback from the skin. Tingling and numbness are one of the symptoms of overused feet. The “Impaired sensation is often present, limiting the ability to sense when to make a weight shift or position adjustment. People with impaired sensation are also vulnerable to injury from many other hazards and trauma.“(2)

SoVevas improves the sensory perception of your foot by skin contact the spacer-mesh upper. The mechanical shear sensation to the skin provided by the textures can help to re-sensitizes the skin of the wearer’s foot and increases the awareness and feeling.

Impedance Matching is to match a known resilience level in a component with another of the same resilience, therefore uniting both components resistance as a whole without bias.

SoVevas are designed with SBES gel pads for targeted cushioning at the high impact zones at the heel and the ball of the foot. These zones are intended to have similar softness and resilience as the natural padding tissues of your feet. The Impedance Matching ability of SoVevas to mimic the natural cushioning feel cushioning feels like a part of your anatomy. The foot is further supported by the Polyurethane foam midsole to cushion and support your foot.

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About Dr. Landsberger

Dr. Landsberger has a vast experience including Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Kinesiology California State University, Los Angeles Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Biomedical Engineering University of Southern California

Post-Athletic Conditions and Recovery with SoVevas

Recovery is a huge part of training. To aid recovery, SoVevas offers clear advantages over the conventional footwear.  The combination of SoVeva’s unique features such as the open meshed textured upper (Vevas), SBES impedance matching gel pads and unrestrictive & pressure free feel can aid in your recovery process.  Relief and revive with SoVevas.  Long live your sole.

We tested SoVevas with several local athletes and trainers who found SoVevas helped with pain relief, injury prevention and accelerated recovery through out many parts of their body.

We found SoVevas not only provides physical relief but also a mental sense of recovery.  Our testers had reported a feeling of relaxation, rejuvenation when using SoVevas as a part of their pre and post-athletic routine.  “I feel so relaxed when I wear it” is an often heard comment.