The Origin of SoVevas:

An idea that grew from aches and pains

For years I suffered from plantar fasciitis from hours of standing or athletic activities. Often, my chronic foot pain would stop me in my tracks. It dawned on me if this was an ongoing problem for me, a weekend athlete, it must be a more serious challenge for more serious athletes.  As an Industrial Designer, I did exhaustive research that came up empty. I knew it was time for me to create a practical solution to a global problem – a restorative athletic footwear to promote comfort and healing.

What do you wear when your feet need relief?

How can you protect, preserve and revitalize your foot so you can be at your best?

Symptoms of Overused Feet

  • Aches and pains
  • Tingling and numbness
  • Excessive heat and moisture build-up
  • Soreness and Inflammation from pressure

Science of Recovery

There are many studies conducted in the medical research and rehabilitation field on the methods to aid recovery. Working with Dr. Sam Landsberger, Ph.D. of MIT and Director of Rehabilitation Engineering at UCLA Orthopedic Hospital we focused on three proven methods to aid recovery from strenuous overuse and injuries; Proprioception Sense, Shear Skin Sensory, and Impedance Matching. We also included the know symptoms of overused feet as it relates to pressure, heat buildup and excessive moisture.

  • Can a footwear help me recover?
  • Can a footwear protect my feet without feeling pressure and restriction?
  • Can the century old method of constructing footwear be improved?
  • Can the cushioning and support of the sole aid in recovery?

A Better Solution

The cause of discomfort lies in the way shoes are made. Current footwear construction uses a century-old method of bonding a flexible upper to a rigid sole. The bonding of these components creates pressure and restriction as your foot flexes and expands with each step.

Bonded footwear limits your foots movement and causes pressure and heat build-up

Our Concept

What if we make footwear that feels like a sock yet has a deep orthotic insole with a pressure-free feel? A new concept that allows your foot to expand freely without restrictions.

Product Goals:

  • Unrestrictive, Pressure Free Feel
  • Targeted Support and Cushioning
  • Cooling and Ventilation
  • Adjustable Fit to Accommodate Foot Conditions

The New, Unrestrictive Footwear

To create comfort without any pressure or restriction, SoVevas utilize our patented technology of attaching a flexible, Spacer-Mesh upper to a deeply targeted cushioning sole. This unrestrictive design works and feels like nothing else in the footwear market and differentiates us from rest of the industry.

Development: Ideas to Production

As a car designer, I rely on my attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection to guide me in creating something unique and original. My vision is to build a product that feels like a natural extension of your body in both comfort and style.


We create a form fitting design that mimics the shapes of the foot, a minimalistic design language that differs from the conventional shoe.

About The Founder:

A Passion for Design

My passion for creating new designs began as a child when I often found ways to improve existing designs. I would draw cars, jets, and anime robots to redesign them to how I would like them to look. This passion for creating manufactured products had fueled my interests for the automotive design industry. To me, car design is an ultimate embodiment of styling, engineering, and performance that combines into a single product. This form of design not only excites the audience it also can form an emotional bond with its users. To me, this is a very compelling form of a design to learn and master.

Henry Hsu
Otum Footware Corporation’s
CEO and Founder

After a decade of designing products and vehicles for General Motors and Honda, I decided to design and develop products on my own. This passion and creativity drives me to solve a problem that have not yet been addressed in the footwear industry. Like cars, there are many types of footwear for different purposes and activities; however, not all needs have been fulfilled. The advantages of not being a footwear industry insider gave me the freedom to create from a different perspective. This perspective is crucial in coming up with something that is truly unique. With all of the products on the market, can I come up with something truly new and unique to solve a problem? This is my challenge.

Birth of An Idea

I suffer from foot aches and pains walking barefoot on hard floors like millions of others. This problem magnifies with any athletic activity like running or basketball. Like many athletes, I too rip off my sneakers to get relief from pressure and heat buildup. This leaves all athletes feet open and unprotected from hard floor surfaces. I began to research the effects of overuse feet and the post athletics needs of your feet; what types of products people are using, and are the current solutions good enough? The sport slip-on sandals are a common choice, but not adequate as an athletic recovery footwear. This led to the birth of SoVevas, an athletic recovery footwear designed to Protect, Preserve, and Revitalize your sole before and after sports so you can be at your best.

Special Thanks

The Founding of OTUM Corporation and the SoVevas project has been a labor of love for me. To build this company, this product took years of hard work and persistence. To take on this project will be impossible by one but achievable by many. All of our success will not be possible without the help and generosity of the people along the way working with me through out the years. Looking back, I am always amazed on how whole hearted people are willing to support your goals and passion each step of the way. I am forever grateful for all those that plays a part in this journey. For me, this project has to succeed to not let everyone’s effort go to waste. Thank you so much,


Henry Hsu