Wow, it feels like my feet are getting a hug and a massage when I wear it. The support and cushioning definitely help with my recovery.”

– Steve R.

“What an amazing difference wearing SoVevas is for me.  I felt pressure relief from my feet to my knees and back.”

– Walker M.

“I love the refreshing air movement with support under my feet and the wide toe box that conforms to my foot.”

– Clenet V.

“I just wanted to let you know how great the shoes have been for me. Since I’m doing very strenuous training, pushing my body to the limits of exhaustion, my muscles get very tired and very sore. Especially my legs, knees, and feet. These post-recovery shoes work so good its almost addicting how comfortable they are to wear. And not just comfortable, the results they have with how much my muscles are refreshed and ready to go again is remarkable. These shoes are actually addicting for me.”

– Tyler H.

“I am really surprised at how the SoVevas feel on my feet. When I am not training anyone at Equinox, I feel so relaxed the moment I put them on. I am not sure how his happen but I tend to be more calm and relaxed to the point I felt to sleep. Further more, I noticed my knee and foot pains dissipate much faster after wearing SoVevas for a extended period of time. It has become my chilled footwear of choice.”

– Richie P.

“I love how these feel for around the house. It is very comfortable and feels very natural that I forget it is on.”

– Mike E.

“I wear these around the house all of the time. They are kept right by my bed and I put them on every morning, whenever I’m home. It gives me the comfort and support I need.”

– Garrett

“The SoVevas is really unique. They feel amazing on my feet.”

– Arsenije J.

“I really like what you’ve developed — it’s hard to believe that you’re not a runner yourself, given all of the features you’ve considered in putting this together.”

– Laurie W.