To aid recovery, Soveva’s surpasses conventional footwear with unique features such as the open meshed textured upper and impedance matching gel pads that promote pressure-free healing and comfort.

Featured Athlete

Steven Ross

Marathon runner, group fitness instructor and personal trainer

Steven is an inspirational fitness expert who transformed himself from being 100+ lbs. over weight to a lean athlete that inspires others to overcome their challenges to be at their best.

Walker Marks

Baseball player, runner and athlete

As a baseball player that constantly trains and conditions his body, Walker majors in field biomechanics and kinesiology to understand the science behind  sports.  He is now pursuing graduate study in Neuroscience.

Clenet Verdi-Rose

Boxer, athlete and filmmaker

As an ex boxer, Clenet has seen his share of injuries over the years and understands the importance of recovery.  He is now pursuing a career in filmmaking and continues to keep in shape by running and weight training.


Running community advocate and owner of Garrett’s Run Shop

Garrett ran his first race at age 10 and never stopped. 20 years later he is an advocate for the greatest running community in Los Angeles. “The Southbay has become my home. I am surrounded by warm, caring people who love to support their local running store. What more could I ask for?” He lives with his wife and two daughters.

Richie Petruziello

Runner, Athlete, and Tier 3+ Fitness Specialist at Equinox

Being a personal trainer and fitness expert, recovery from my daily training and running is a very important topic for me. I understand the need for recovery in both physical and nutritional needs of the body. This let me to create my brand of all natural recovery drink to help all athletes to replenish and recover.

Arsenije Jelovac

European Karate Champion Arsenije Jelovac is an SoVevas Tester Advocate

Martial Art is a major part of my life, and I’ve dedicated my self to practice, perfect and share my knowledge of this art. From my years of training, it gave me both physical and mental clarity to focus on my path. It is very enlightening experience, and I hope to help others in finding that focus.