Why SoVevas?

Protect, Preserve & Revitalize Your Sole

Our soles pay the price for repetitive overuse. We are in perpetual training to achieve our athletic goals. Whether we are training for a marathon, tennis match, basketball game or other high impact activity, when the workout is done, it is time to recover. The quicker the recovery, the faster you get stronger. SoVevas helps you get there.

  • Unrestricted Feel
  • Targeted Support and Cushioning
  • Cooling and Ventilation
  • Adjustable Fit

What It Means:


SoVevas Technology

Unrestrictive | Supportive sole | Ultra breathability | Adjustable fit

Proprioception Sense | Shear Skin Sensory | Impedance Matching

Ultra Breathability

SoVevas unique upper Vevas are made from bamboo charcoal-infused fibers that provide benefits of negative ions while enhancing moisture wicking, odor absorption. The open spacer fabric further enhances cooling ventilation throughout the entire footbed.

The delightful feel of the spacer fabric’s tactile textures enhances your proprioception sensory from heel-to-toe.

Supportive Sole

SoVevas ergonomic sole houses a contoured and supportive PU (polyurethane) midsole with deep Impedance Matching Gel Pads positioned in the high impact areas at the heel and ball of the foot.

Unrestrictive Feel

SoVevas feels like no other footwear on the market.

The Vevas (footwear upper) attaches to the sole (adaptive outsole) unlike any other footwear on the market today. Our technology maximizes freedom of movement from your toes and metatarsals, to provide a non-confining, pressure-free feel, assisting your swollen and tender feet to recover more quickly.

Adjustable Fit

SoVevas is fully customizable. Your foot is unique in shape and size. SoVevas is the footwear that adapts to your foot’s shape and size rather than the reverse.

The four adjustable straps allow for custom fit and support adjustment to find the most comfortable setting for your foot.

Detachable/Changeable Upper

SoVevas is designed to allow an easy separation of sole (adaptive sole) from Veva (upper) for easy washing and customization of fit.

Washable Upper

Keep your SoVevas fresh by detaching the upper Vevas and washing it frequently.

Keep your sole clean by wiping with mild, non-abrasive cleaners to wear indoors and outdoors.


Our unique design and Patented technology contribute to the relief of your achy feet both indoors and out.

Feeling Lucky

Not everyone is Lucky enough to wear a Large.  But for those who do, you can be the first to experience SoVevas.

SoVevas Lucky Large fits Men 11~13 and Women 12~14.

Other sizes available soon.  Pre-order now.

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